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Art Director, Senior Designer & Animator
Practicing since 1998, Appletonian since 2011

Areas of Expertise:

  • Brand development
  • Graphic design
  • Web design

Eric Czerwonka has nearly 20 years of experience in graphic design. In addition to his print and web design portfolio, he has an extensive background in 3D interactive media and simulation, having worked with 3D modeling, texture creation, scripting and configuration writing.

With an entrepreneurial beginning, Eric worked for various companies including, Leapnet, Inc. and VSA Partners, whose client base comprises of million dollar companies like Facebook, McDonalds and Harley Davidson. With a focus on annual reports, graphic design of e-commerce websites, identity and branding development of corporate design, Eric developed standards for corporate identity usage.

In his next venture, Eric worked as a graphic designer for Kym Abrams Design whose clients include Blue Cross Blue Shield, the National Wildlife Federation and McGraw Hill Publishing. He provided art and creative direction for graphic design projects where print production and branding development was required. In addition to the creative aspect, Eric assisted in financial matters by scheduling, budgeting and estimating the company’s various projects while also hiring photographers and illustrators and managing photo shoots.

Eric became art director in his next position at Windsor Continental Corporation in Orlando, Florida. In this role, Eric continued his financial fortitude by scheduling, budgeting and estimating multiple projects. He also expanded his arsenal of skills to include 3D modeling and scripting, VBS1/VBS2 development and terrain database creation.

Maintaining his art director title when he joined Appleton, Eric also became senior designer and animator for the company. In his current position, Eric works with a portfolio of several high-profile clients including the University of Central Florida, Hyatt, Hilton Grand Vacations and Tavistock Group. Eric is responsible for the creative design and production of print and digital collateral, as well as front-end web design, for digital and print campaigns. His graphic design work has won awards in the categories of print, children’s software, and corporate communications.

Eric’s favorite hobby is trail running and he has completed several trail marathons this year in preparation for upcoming 50K ultramarathons.

Would you rather wear crew or V-neck shirts?
Crew necks, even though I have replaced most of my undershirts with v-necks. Old habits die hard. V-necks are a no-go when not used as an undershirt.

What is your favorite emoji?
ಠ_ಠ This one never gets old and has a million uses.

Do you prefer serif or sans serif?
Serif all the way. No school like the old school.

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