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Marketing Strategist & Lead Web Developer
Practicing since 1999, Appletonian since 2010

Areas of expertise:

  • Campaign planning
  • Media buying and placement
  • Web strategy and development
  • Project management


Jamie Kruger is a multi faceted web developer and marketing strategist bringing more than 17 years of programming, design, marketing and project management experience to the Appleton Creative team. He works in every phase and role of web marketing, moving effortlessly between sales, creative and technical teams.

Jamie began his career at Sales and Marketing Technologies in Altamonte Springs, Florida, a company with over 4,500 clients. As senior web designer and project manager he was responsible for all large scale, database-driven web projects. Jamie oversaw project management, technical documentation, graphic design and programming. He led all phases of project development, including proposal development, project documentation, graphic design, front-end programming, quality control, client training and customer support.

Committed to the user experience, Jamie established a culture of round-table and whiteboard discovery meetings, as well as customer-driven project planning. He specialized in creating comprehensive websites for renowned multimillion-dollar healthcare leaders. This emphasis on the client resulted in long-term relationships with Florida Hospital and Miami Children’s Hospital, among other local and national brands.

Prior to joining Appleton Creative, Jamie continued his career with a stint in web development and business analysis. He worked on branding, user interface development of websites and fine-tuning web presence and social media marketing plans for numerous clients including CrowdCast, KickApps, UpperChord and BarkBox. He also completed projects for established and international companies such as the American Football League, HGV TV, Sony and Fox.

With extensive work on both white-label and custom content management systems (CMS) and development in PHP, traditional ASP and, Jamie is head of web programming at Appleton Creative. He is responsible for strategic planning, digital media, proposal development, web project planning, search engine marketing, and internal adoption and training of new technologies. Jamie also acts as the senior programmer on web development projects. His internet-savvy allows clients to leverage the digital landscape for all its worth. Noteworthy clients include Tavistock Group, Orlando Health, the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority, the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, the University of Central Florida, Solar Bears and Hilton Grand Vacations.

As a strategist who continues to get his hands dirty, he is able to stay committed to best practices and focus on how the customer journey has evolved over time. In his spare time, Jamie is devoted to mentoring Central Florida youth. He runs multiple initiatives that teach technical, creative and trade skills to at-risk and other disadvantaged youth.

Jamie isn’t only a skilled marketing strategist and web developer, he’s also a classically-trained oboist and fine artist.

{Computer Skills: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Dreamweaver, Flash, Microsoft Office}

What's a fact you wish more people new about you?
Sure, I studied chemistry and computer science in college, but I'm also a classically-trained oboist and a fine artist (in my teens, I even did character design for a small comics & animation studio).

What's your favorite color?
Pantone 410.

Who is your favorite author?
Terry Pratchett -- one of the great philosophers of our time disguised as a fantasy novelist.

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