Conceptual Copywriter & Community Relations
Practicing since 2013, Appletonian since 2015

Areas of Expertise:

  • Conceptual copywriting
  • Community and client relations
  • Project management
  • Social media marketing


Tori Colditz is a communications professional in mind and a copywriter at heart. At the start of her creative career, she immediately embraced her passion for wordsmithing and her talent for communicating as she held positions as copywriter and content developer for national clientele, quickly flourishing in the field. She now works for Appleton Creative as a conceptual copywriter and community relations manager, using her abilities to communicate an organization’s strategic need into creative results.

At the beginning of her advertising career, Tori worked for The GreenHouse Agency as a content developer and copywriter, producing, developing and refining strategic messages and campaigns for a variety of clients through digital inbound marketing. She utilized her in-depth knowledge of writing for the digital landscape, performing extensive keyword research, creating detailed content calendars and writing copy for blog articles, whitepapers, social media, digital campaigns, email marketing campaigns, PR materials and websites. For the digital agency, Tori developed content and copy for clients including Firetainment, Fattmerchant, Superior Solar, Riverside Surgical & Weight Loss Center, Parkside Health & Wellness Center and My One Resource, to name a few.

As a conceptual copywriter and community relations manager for Appleton Creative, Tori Colditz utilizes her multifaceted communication skills in various ways. She is responsible for communication and coordination on various accounts, and she brings her conceptual, technical and creative writing skills to the copywriting team. She combines her passion for community relations, devotion to grammar and extensive copywriting experience to produce compelling pieces that reach Appleton’s clients on a deeper level of understanding. Tori specializes in a versatile suite of written pieces, including writing for websites, videos, print, social media, blogs and public relations. She has worked on many accounts and projects at Appleton Creative, including Hilton Grand Vacations, Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress, Orlando International Airport, TBS Factoring Service, CareerSource Central Florida and many more.

Tori is proud to act as the lead for numerous charitable projects as part of the Good Apples Marketing initiatives. She is currently manager of the Victory Cup Initiative marketing committee, as well as head of coordination of the Appleton Awareness Gallery’s most recent exhibit for Children’s Burn Foundation of Florida. Current charitable organizations she is working with include Seniors First, Orlando Health Foundation Dragon Boat, American Cancer Society’s Cattle Barons’ Ball, Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, Victim Service Center of Central Florida, Habitat for Humanity and the Zebra Coalition, to name a few.

When Tori isn’t knocking out projects, you can find her knocking out teammates in her mixed martial arts classes where she practices jiu jitsu, Muay Thai and wrestling.

Favorite hashtag? 

What's the most interesting fun fact you know?
This may only be interesting to grammar nerds, but the longest grammatically correct one-word sentence in the American English language is, "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo." It uses three meanings of the word buffalo: the city of Buffalo, New York, the verb to buffalo (to bully) and the species of bison. It could be read to mean, “Bison from Buffalo, which bison from Buffalo bully, themselves bully bison from Buffalo.” Confused yet?

What's the most adventurous thing you've ever done?
I did Mixed Martial Arts for a few years, and learned the practices of boxing, jiu jitsu, Muay Thai and wrestling. It was out of character and adventurous for me, but I surprisingly enjoyed kicking butt and taking names.

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